Book an event

Booking of event rooms by external organizations and persons

DESY may also make its rooms available for booking by external persons and organisations.
Any booking request for events by external organisations, external persons or internal persons with the participation of external organisations must first be approved by the Organisation and General Services Department (V1).
To obtain approval, please send your request to We need the following information in order to process your request as quickly as possible:

- Name of person and/or organization↵
- Address
- Phone
- E-mail
- External parties involved (name, address)
- Value-added tax identification number
- Name of the event manager (responsible for the execution and present during the event)
- Title of the event
- Period of the event and time required for setup and dismantling
- Type of event
- Expected number of participants
- Public or closed event
- entrance fee
- Schedule (rough schedule/program)
- Requested space (which rooms are required)
- Technology used
- Catering (internal by Alsterfood or external)
- Decoration
- alcoholic drinks offered

After receiving the required information, we will review your request and give you feedback as soon as the review is complete. Only then your booking will be considered approved.

You will find an overview of available room here.